Tuesday, September 3, 2013


I often get asked, by those who've never been, "is there a contest or award you're hoping to win?" Meaning, am I doing all this work for some sort of prize or recognition. I have always answered 'no' in the past. But it seems that individuals have begun taking it upon themselves to create awards. And this year we got these two.

The first one is quite large, probably 11x17 and came with an embroidered patch and an led lighted pin that looks like a spaceship.(click to read it all)

 The second one was given to us by a second year burner who wanted to bring something this year.

Final shots

 From inside the man.
Near the man.
 Watching the East Bay Core burn.
By definition.

Working the dance parties.

 First stop for the night was a small group out in the deep playa. Here we were the big fish.
Then we headed to a large, multi-camp dance get together. Here all the sound buses were playing the same music thanks to transmitters. We are the small fish here.

Out and about at night

 First night out, going to get our night license.

First light!


Installing the lights

Going to get our day license

Wings sections going on.

Mothership construction begins

After we set up camp we turned our attention towards the Mothership.
 Our new camp mate/friend Ben bolting on the first leg.
 Eran doing the final tightening on the last leg.
 Pulling the ship upright with the truck.
 Bob and Heather bolting on the wheel sections.
 Natalie and Eran bringing the car around to be attached to the structure.
Bolting the car to the Mothership base. (Note the rear wheels on the car. These are removed as soon as it is properly bolted to the legs.)

Almost there!

Black Rock City is being born out there in the light sandy patch on the right of the picture.

Time is short! Loading up

Like all projects under time constraints, the photos of the construction become pretty few and far between. We don't have time for those niceties right now. We've got to get all this stuff to the Playa!
 Natalie posing with all the clean gear.
Bob and Heather heading out with the first load. Including camp gear, the main cabin of the Mothership and a small wing section.
My truck loaded with the legs, front wheels, our camp stuff, and the two large wing sections looking like mohawks on the lumber rack.
The trailer holds the car part of the Mothership plus a load of other car and camp related stuff. Thanks for helping us load up George!
The last wing section is loaded on top of the 4Runner. Here we are all loaded up getting gas at 4am.